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Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami is a popular adult entertainment venue that offers patrons a luxurious and fun experience. However, before planning a night out at Scarlett’s, you must understand and adhere to the dress code requirements, especially if it’s your first time heading there. 

You wouldn’t want to show up in shorts or jeans at the door and get turned away.

Being a spacious strip club with about seven stages and serious twerking talents of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami mostly pulls late-night crowds (between 2 am and 8 am). 

The upscale club is emphatic that only those in proper attire – no shorts and sandals, only dress shoes and pants for men – will be allowed in. 

There’s also a $20 cover at the door, but groups who purchase bottles can often avoid the fee.

Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami says, “Dress nice, come clean.”

The dress code at Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami is upscale and trendy, meaning you’re expected to dress in fashionable attire. 

According to Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami Club, they don’t allow athletic wear, baggy clothing, shorts, sandals, or excessively ripped or torn clothing. However, the venue does allow guests to wear dress shoes and pants. 

But you can wear sneakers if they are in good condition and look upscale.

Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami expects attendees to dress nice, and make sure they are clean and smell good, especially if they want an up-and-close lap dance. 

The club wants their female dancers to enjoy the activity as much as you do. But that’s not why this glorified club forbids certain appearances.

Why does Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami have a dress code?

Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami, like many other nightclubs, upholds this dress code to maintain a certain level of decorum and atmosphere within the venue. They also enforce this to keep the gangsters out while creating a specific image or vibe and attracting a particular clientele.

In Miami, dress codes are common in nightclubs, bars, and even some restaurants – especially those establishments in upscale or trendy areas. The common signs I see regarding a dress code are no T-shirts at night in very few clubs and no ball caps.

From personal experience, I have been known to go to Tootsies nightclub in flip-flops and shorts. But I’m not allowed to wear Scarlet’s or even Cheetah, Pompano, or WPB.

So even if you’re old enough not to pass the thuggery impression, still abide by the dress rule or put a collared shirt in your car so you don’t risk it being turned away at the door.

Tips for dressing to Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami

I recommend wearing a collared shirt or a stylish jacket paired with designer jeans or dress pants for men. Women can opt for a sexy dress or skirt paired with heels. Feel free to accessorize with jewelry, such as statement necklaces or bracelets, to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

I go to Scarlett’s every Sunday and Monday when certain bottles are $150. These days, I grace the club with a collared shirt or stylish jacket paired with designer jeans or dress pants.

I then accessorize with a nice watch or a sleek belt.

Whatever you wear, just avoid shorts, sandals, athletic wear, baggy clothing, or even excessively ripped or torn clothing.

The bottom line is to aim for upscale, trendy attire that makes you feel confident and stylish.

That’s it, club kid!

Scarlett’s is a celebrated nightclub in Miami. Time Out, a leading global media and hospitality business, has ranked the Hallandale Beach-based strip club as number 1 of Miami’s best.

The dress code rules aren’t a discouragement for visitors as it well defines the atmosphere and caliber of guests. So if you’ve been wondering, the answer is Yes, they have a dress code at Scarlett’s.

In my experience, jeans, and sneakers are fine, but I’ve been wearing board shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops during the day. Perhaps, I’m lucky. But I’ve been told that such outfits won’t fly at night.

Meanwhile, Scarlett’s Cabaret has a phone number on its website. So you can give them a call if you’re concerned.

But remember that they’ll refuse entry if you look too thuggish, even if you otherwise meet their dress code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
Scarlett’s Cabaret allows only those in proper attire. The strip club expects male visitors to wear dress shoes and pants. So if you’re wearing a dress sneaker, that will fly so long it’s upscale and appropriate. The Hallandale Beach-based club is a casual spot but they adhere to specific dress codes to maintain the image of the strip club.
Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami dress code allows hats, but they must be worn in a manner that does not obstruct the view of other guests. The strip club does not permit baseball caps and hats with offensive language or logos. You can dress to impress but avoid athletic wear, shorts, and sandals.
When you eventually enter Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami, you may observe that those sitting by the stage are the ones having most of the night. This area allows you to see the many girls in the rotation that works at Scarlett’s. At Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami, the rotation of sexy girls changes every three songs. And you can win loads of attention each time you slip that dollar bill in some cleavage.
Scarlett’s Cabaret Miami respects the privacy of the girls. So they don’t allow you to take pictures in the club. But if you’re lucky, your favorite entertainer might be okay with taking a selfie with you. The point is that you can only take pictures when the female dancer consents to it. However, the club understands that pictures make for great memories. So they allow the floor host to take pictures if you want to capture moments as your group pops bottles or makes it rain at the club.

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