The Best 7 Instagrammable Restaurants in Miami

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Suppose you are looking for a restaurant in Miami that ticks the boxes on aesthetics, social media, and culinary experiences. In that case, your best bet is a restaurant that is considered “instagrammable.”

Aside from the aesthetic appeal and attractive meals, Instagrammable restaurants in Miami often have a solid social media presence, with many followers and tags on Instagram.

By visiting these restaurants, you can join in on the hype and gain more followers on your social media accounts. This is good for engagement if you’re an IG influencer.

In this article, I’ve helped you with the homework to review seven of the best trendy restaurants in Miami where you can have your meal’s Instagram selfies in a designer setting. I have also included their contact information, address, Instagram handle, and photo clips from their page to show you what they look like before you even go there.

What are the best Instagrammable restaurants in Miami?

The best Instagrammable restaurant in Miami right now is Casa Florida Miami. The restaurant presents a romantic ambiance, a beautiful garden, and delicious Italian cuisine, making it a perfect spot for capturing stunning photos. While Casa Florida Miami has excellent service and an upscale atmosphere, the high prices and limited parking options can be discouraging.

With this in mind, here is a list of some of the best Instagrammable restaurants you can try in Miami today.

1. Casa Florida, Miami

Instagram username: @casafloridamiami

Number of followers on Instagram: 53,300

Address: 437 SW 2nd St., Miami

Telephone: +1 786-394-7748


Casa Florida Miami is a top-rated restaurant in Miami for its vibrant and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, which provides the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. The lush greenery, colorful murals, and bohemian decor make it an ideal location for capturing perfect pictures. 

I like how the food is artfully presented and tastes delicious, making it a favorite among foodies. But what discouraged me was the limited seating and a relatively small menu. You might also bat an eyebrow at the higher-than-average prices. 

Still, personal experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, with visitors raving about the atmosphere and food. 

2. Big Pink

Instagram username: @bigpinkmiami

Number of followers on Instagram: 32,000

Address: 157 Collins Ave., Miami Beach


Telephone: (305) 532-4700

Big Pink is a Miami Beach institution known for its vibrant, neon-colored exterior and retro decor, making it an ideal spot for Instagram photos. The menu features American comfort food favorites like burgers, fries, and milkshakes, all of which are generously portioned and delicious. 

You may not like the long wait times, especially during peak hours, and the noise level inside the restaurant can be high. But the atmosphere and food hit the spot. Some visitors I’ve spoken with about Big Pink say the food seems “overpriced and touristy.” 

Despite this, Big Pink remains a popular destination for those seeking an Instagram-worthy dining experience.

3. La Industria Bakery & Cafe

Instagram username: @laindustriamiami

Number of followers on Instagram: 439, 000

Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd.

Telephone: +1 786-803-8333


La Industria Bakery & Cafe is a trendy, industrial-chic eatery in Miami known for its delicious pastries and aesthetically pleasing decor.

It was impressive to see that the interior is adorned with minimalist, modern furnishings, large windows, and lots of natural light, making it an ideal spot for Instagram photos. 

The food is freshly made and flavorful, with a wide range of options. You should arrive early to avoid long lines and try the empanadas and croissants. 

For pictures, take advantage of the natural light.

4. Cecconi’s Miami

Instagram username: cecconisrestaurant

Number of followers on Instagram: 175,000

Address: 4385 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140

Telephone: (786) 507-7902


Cecconi’s Miami Beach is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Miami due to its stunning outdoor garden and charming interior decor. The restaurant boasts a beautiful, lush courtyard with twinkling lights, greenery, and a romantic ambiance perfect for photo ops. 

Upon my visit here, I loved how the food was beautifully presented, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant. 

If you’re taking photos at Cecconi’s Miami, I strongly recommend you visit during golden hour for the best lighting and choose a table in the outdoor garden area. If you want visually appealing dishes for your photos, you can order the truffle pizza or the seafood tower.

5. Jaya at the Setai

Instagram username: @thesetaimiamibeach

Number of followers on Instagram: 97,400

Address: 2001 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Telephone: (855) 923-7899


The crudos, dumplings, and Peking duck cuisine first lured me to the Jaya at The Setai at Miami Beach before I enlisted it as one of the best for Instagram photos.

The restaurant is set in a gorgeous, artfully designed space with a mix of Asian and European influences. 

The food is as beautiful as it is delicious, with dishes like the colorful Tandoori lamb chops and the intricate sushi rolls. 

Suppose you want to take a video or photo here for Instagram. In that case, I suggest you select a table near the striking black and white tiled floor, capturing the intricate details of the decor, and then try the signature cocktails for a perfect photo op. 

6. The Surf Club Restaurant

Instagram username: @surfclubrestaurant

Number of followers on Instagram: 24,800

Address: 9011 Collins Ave., Surfside, FL 33154

Telephone: (305) 768-9440


The elegant and sophisticated ambiance perfect for social media posts at this restaurant is hard to ignore. The restaurant is located in the historic Surf Club, and its design and decor blend vintage glamour with modern touches. 

The food is as photogenic as the surroundings, with dishes like the perfectly seared Wagyu beef and the beautifully presented seafood towers. 

Most importantly, the service is impeccable, adding to the luxurious experience. The outdoor terrace also offers stunning ocean views, making it an excellent spot for sunset photos. 

7. Crazy About You

Instagram username: @crazyaboutyoumiami

Number of followers on Instagram: 30, 600

Address: 1155 Brickell Bay Dr. #101

Telephone: +1 305-930-7338


The prime location with stunning views of the Miami skyline and waterfront makes Crazy About You one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Miami today.

The restaurant offers a chic and romantic ambiance with modern decor perfect for photos. The food is beautifully presented, ranging from classic American dishes to Spanish-inspired cuisine.

I enjoyed the breathtaking views and friendly service, but the limited seating at the beach view and the high prices are something to consider. 

To get the perfect picture for Instagram at the Crazy About You restaurant, book a table on the outdoor terrace, try the signature cocktails, and then capture the stunning sunset over the Miami skyline.

Why go to these restaurants?

The unique selling point of these restaurants in Miami is their aesthetic appeal. The visually appealing décor, ambiance, and presentation of food and drinks set them apart from a host of other destinations.

So if you enjoy taking photos and sharing them on social media, you won’t go wrong picking any of the restaurants reviewed above. They have unique and eye-catching designs.

But it is also worth mentioning that these Instagrammable restaurants are not just about the visuals. I can’t say for all restaurants in Miami, but I have been to the above seven restaurants, and they have delicious food and drinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
Some of the popular restaurants frequented by celebrities in Miami include Prime 112, KOMODO, and Zuma. Prime 112 offers classic American cuisine, while KOMODO serves Asian fusion dishes. Zuma specializes in contemporary Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.
A restaurant becomes Instagrammable when it offers visually appealing food presentation, unique decor, and trendy ambiance. Natural lighting, colorful dishes, and visually appealing cocktails are some of the factors that can make a restaurant more Instagrammable.
Miami is known for its vibrant food scene and offers a variety of Instagrammable dishes. However, the most commonly Instagrammed food item in Miami is the famous Cuban sandwich, also known as the Cubano.
In Miami, some of the most Instagrammable foods you can try include colorful smoothie bowls, avocado toast, fresh seafood dishes, and vibrant Latin American cuisine. These dishes often feature bright colors, artistic plating, and unique ingredients.
Instagrammable restaurants are important because they help attract customers and promote a restaurant’s brand image. Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, and Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for foodies to discover new dining experiences. A visually appealing restaurant can attract customers and generate buzz on social media platforms.

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