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Matador Room is the best spot for a brunch party in Miami because of its stunning oceanfront view, cozy atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features a mix of Mediterranean and Latin flavors, including fresh seafood and delicious cocktails. However, your budget, the party size, and the availability of private rooms or outdoor seating options will ultimately determine if Matador Room is the perfect location for your next brunch party.

If you’re planning a brunch party in Miami, finding the ideal spot to host it can be a struggle.  With so many options available, deciding which restaurant or venue will offer the perfect combination of ambiance, cuisine, and amenities can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, I’ve researched for you and rounded up the best spots for a brunch party in Miami today. I’ve got you covered, from oceanfront restaurants with stunning views to chic indoor spaces with bottomless mimosas.

To ensure I recommend only cream of the crop, I had to single out venues with a lively and festive ambiance setting the tone for a celebratory gathering. I also considered the food and drinks, making sure that they have a variety of options to satisfy all tastes and dietary restrictions.

So, if you’re looking for the best spot for a brunch party in Miami today, here are my top recommendations:

VenueWhy I strongly recommend
Matador RoomBest overall
iLov305live DJs, a special menu, and numerous drink specials.
SeaspiceBest view for brunch party
Tea RoomCozy ambience and mouth-watering cuisine
Le ChickEnergetic environment, affordable
BarseccoVariety of brunch menu item options

1. Matador Room

  • Address: The Miami Beach EDITION, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
  • Cuisine: Latin American-inspired
  • Brunch Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
  • Telephone: +1-786-257-4600
  • Instagram profile: @matardorroom
  • Make Reservations: HERE

Matador Room ticks the three boxes – stunning oceanfront view, elegant ambiance, and finger-licking meals– that any smart brunch party organizer would look out for when selecting a venue to host the occasion. The restaurant offers the perfect environment to enjoy its seasonal selection of large and small plates grouped into “Light & Bright” and “Golden & Crispy.”

I particularly adore the glamorous supper club and the installed dazzling chandelier overhead. If you think the inside of this restaurant is a great spot, then consider the dining outside of the terrace –  perfect. They offer a variety of pizzas, tacos, and meat dishes. 

2. iLov305 Steakhouse & Nightlife

  • Address: 1060 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
  • Cuisine: Mexican, Latin / Spanish, Bar / Lounge / Bottle Service 
  • Brunch Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Monday – Thursday) 12pm – 4pm (Weekends)
  • Telephone: +1 305-535-9773
  • Instagram username: @ilov305daquiribar

iLov305 is another fantastic location where you can get an unforgettable brunch party experience in Miami. The location is popular for its weekly “See You Next Sunday Brunch & Bottles” event that features live DJs, a special menu, and numerous drink specials.

Enjoy the sparkling blood orange mojito with your friends on round table brunch. This item is blended with prosecco, orange light rum, and muddled mint leaves.

I recommend you play it safe and call for reservations before any further planning.

3. Seaspice

  • Address: 412 NW N River Dr, Miami, FL 33128
  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Brunch Hours: 12pm – 12 am (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Telephone:+1 305-440-4200
  • Instagram username: @seaspicemia
  • Make Reservations: HERE

Seaspice is another amazing spot to soak in the best brunch party experience on a wonderful afternoon in Miami. I’ve never met a true brunch baller, local or not, that has a grudge against the delivery of Seaspice. They are perfect.. or nearly perfect. Here’s what I mean:

You’ll love the expected DJs mixing the hottest sounds and crowds of beautiful people delighting in Lobster Benedict or Shrimp Avocado Toast. You’ll also love the view of abundant yachts docked along the Miami River setting as you enjoy a wonderful brunch party at this spot.

But I have observed that the best brunch party experience at Seaspice climaxed during the “Show & Tell” Brunch event hosted in August.  That’s when we get to see local and international designer brands in a fashion show of sorts.

4. Tea Room

  • Address: 788 Brickell Plaza, Miami, FL 33131
  • Cuisine: Asian-inspired
  • Brunch Hours: Wed-Fri: 11am – 4pm
  • Sat-Sun: 9am – 5pm
  • Telephone: 305-258-0044
  • Instagram username: @sugar.tearoom
  • Make Reservations: HERE

Miami excels at so many other entertainment areas beyond nightlife. The brunch partying experience is an example and Tea Room restaurants are a strong proof.  It’s special because they offer a Night Brunch Party experience, held Thursday through Sunday on the 40th floor of the EAST Hotel.

This is a  Hong Kong-inspired feast, and you and your friends will enjoy the five-course tasting menu.

The ambiance of this spot also deserves to be mentioned. The dimly lit environment and subtle colored lights make it cozy and instagrammable.

5. Le Chick

  • Address: 310 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127
  • Cuisine: American
  • Brunch Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 12pm – 10:00pm, Friday & Saturday – 12pm – 11:00pm
  • Telephone: +1 786-216-7086
  • Instagram username: @lechickwynwood
  • Make Reservations: HERE

If you want your brunch party in a contemporary rustic setting, then come to Le Chick. This upscale Wynwood-based restaurant has decorated reviews for legendary chicken & waffles, pumping music, and an energetic environment  with a dose of comfort.

Le Chick is your go-to if you have bottomless mimosas as a favorite.

6. Barsecco

  • Address: 1421 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130, United States
  • Cuisine: Latin American-inspired
  • Brunch Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
  • Telephone: +1 305-577-9809
  • Instagram username: @barsecco
  • Make Reservations: HERE

Hotels To Spend The Night After Attending a Brunch Party In Miami

When you attend a brunch party in Miami. it is not always a good idea to return home late at night. Instead, lodge in one of the hotels we recommend below and they are cheap with a night costing between $123 and $270.

If you’re planning a weekend brunch party in Miami and are particular about a venue with bottomless mimosas, come to Barsecco. The live DJ, stylish lounge energy, and the variety of brunch menu items make it a perfect spot. You can enjoy Miami’s best breakfast sandwiches, eggs, and toast.

You will notice that contrary to popular opinion, the best venues for brunch parties in Miami are not saturated around a particular area only. Now that you have options for where to organize your next brunch party in Miami with your friends and colleagues, I strongly recommend you err on the side of caution and call in advance for reservations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
The Deck at Island Gardens is one of the best spots where you can enjoy exquisite brunch party in Miami with a fantastic view. As you enjoy brunch on the full-size dining tables, you can soak in stunning picturesque views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. The Super-yacht marina waterfront restaurant has the perfect environment to wine, dine and dance outdoors. Other worthy alternatives for brunch party spots in Miami with signature sunset views of the city include Area 31 at Biscayne Blvd Bay, Nikki Beach Miami at Miami Beach, and Limonada Bar.
If you want to enjoy brunch with live music in Miami, look no further than CHICA Miami. The cuisine here is Latin American-inspired. They are best for breakfast, brunch, and cocktails and offer the best live music and décor to make the environment photo-worthy. But if you wouldn’t mind a crowd to cheer with, head on to Bayshore Club Bar & Grill. You can enjoy the best Seafood and wine Miami offers while gyrating to vibrant live music.
There are many rooftop brunch party locations around Miami but Juvia remains the city’s most stylish restaurant. There’s the garden wall on one side and a glorious view of Lincoln Road on the other, it also offers a picturesque view of the Miami ocean. Other places to enjoy brunch with a view of the Miami Beach sky include Etaru Hallandale – a budget-friendly spot, and Rosa Sky Rooftop Bar & Lounge.
Unlimited brunch mimosas are, interestingly, the strong selling point for Batch Gastropub restaurant in Miami, making it the best spot to enjoy boozy bottomless mimosas brunch in Miami. Jaya at the Setai is another fantastic location for this – the food from executive chef Vijayudu Veena is far from the standard. If you need a restaurant with a view and Peruvian Nikkei cuisine serving unlimited mimosas, then head to La Mar

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