13 Cheap and Fun Things to Do in Naples Florida

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Do you intend to visit Naples? Are you a resident? What are the cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida? Naples has earned its reputation for having a great beach thanks to its sliver of beautiful sand, mild Gulf of Mexico surf, and famous pier that juts into the water. Affluent people from out of town frequently visit the fashionable restaurants and boutiques that line Third Street and Fifth Avenue. 

Naples is one of the wealthiest places in the Sunshine State, with renowned high prices for fine restaurants, accommodations, and even excursions. An unrestricted budget is essential for Naples fantastic vacations. However, does this mean there aren’t cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida? No. We’ve worked out a few easy travel tips to make a visit there affordable and still have a fabulous experience. 

After you raise your eyes and weigh all your possible suggestions, it will take a little while for you to compile a list of things to do. Follow through to see some of the cheap and fun things to do in Naples, Florida: 

1. Gathering Shells 

One of the cheap and fun things to do in Naples, Florida is gathering of shells. You may collect lovely shells from the public beaches in Naples and Marco Island. Take a vessel journey to neighboring abandoned Wall Island beaches to gather additional shells. Ensure you release all live sand dollars and shells containing creatures back to the Gulf of Mexico. It is illegal to take alive shells.

2. Wildlife Sightseeing Tour 

What else makes witnessing a manatee not one of Naples, Florida’s most fun and cheap things to do? These enigmatic animals frequently congregate in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Naples.

Due to their calm and sluggish nature, they are frequently called “sea cows.” While many people on these cruises don’t spot manatees, you will most likely see several playful dolphin species and some fantastic sights. All at the expense of nothing, who says we can’t have cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida? 

3. Canoe or Kayak on The Turner River

Paddle a canoe or kayak through the Marshes’ mangrove woods by starting at the Turner River in Big Cypress National Preserve. Also, follow the river’s cypress-lined course; there is a launch place and free parking. If you want to enjoy some cheap and fun things to do in Naples, Florida, kayaking is for you.

4. Storm the Rev institute 

You can find the most historical and remarkable sets of classic cars at The Revs Institute! This museum, which spans three stories and features four floors of exhibitions with more than a dozen historic automobiles from the nineteenth century (beginning in 1896), is an excellent place for automotive enthusiasts and non-fans alike. It is one of the best cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida.

You may get up front and intimate because there are no obstacles, and professionals maintain the automobiles in operating order. The institute offers a wealth of knowledge regarding the evolution of automobile manufacturing, which is another educational aspect.

5. Bike Tour Through The City Of Everglades

Are you looking for remarkable cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida? Bring your bike and take a leisurely excursion through downtown Naples or Everglades City’s wonderfully planted neighborhoods, passing ancient buildings, stone shellfish, and seafood vendors. Naples Bicycle Tours offers escorted bicycle tours (at a cost) of downtown Naples and the Everglades, and if you do not possess your bike, you may also rent one.

6. Tin City 

The most distinctive shopping destination in Naples, Florida, is Tin City. It resembles a bohemian riverbank outdoor shopping center crossed with a boardwalk, where each item is vibrantly colored, and none of the stores are franchises—all of them are independent local artists operating as they like.

Browse the more than thirty stores here for everything from jewelry to liquor to antiques to stones, and then have an ice cream or eat at one of the riverfront restaurants.

7. Visit the Naples Train Station 

Housed in an old rail station from the 1920s, just away from town, are the intriguing historical train artifacts of the rail Museum and the Naples Depot Museum.They are old yet one of the best cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida. The museum features an abundance of unusual objects that explore the region’s cultural heritage in ways you might not have imagined, such as Native American dugout canoes, classic vehicles, and swamp buggies.

There are many intriguing model trains from all eras in the rail museum. You may discover more about the various train types that have operated throughout the years and the area’s glorious period of railroading.

8. Naples Zoo

You can enter Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens for free as much as you’d like if you purchase an annual membership. The wonderful Naples Zoo retail establishment is open to the public. When you are thinking of cheap and fun things to do in Naples, Florida, think of Naples Zoo.

9. Go for Scavenger Hunt Tours 

Yes, there’s a variety of entertaining scavenger hunt tours available in Naples that are great for large groups. What’s more like a cheap fun things to do in Naples Florida? It is original, explore the city and solve puzzles.

10. Movies Concerts 

Take advantage of daily free events in Cambier Park in the heart of downtown Naples, such as Family Movie Nights and the Naples Concert Band. It is one of the best cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida.

11. Rent or Charter a boat For Your Cruising

In Naples, there are hundreds of boat rental firms, and for the best part, you don’t need a license to hire a boat. You can employ whatever to explore the shore or thousands of islands, such as a leisurely pontoon or an inflatable fishing vessel. The fun doesn’t come to an end, there are many cheap and fun things to do in Naples Florida ,especially as young adults

12. Art Galleries

Visit the free art exhibits at the Marco Island Centre for the Arts and the von Liebig Art Centre in downtown Naples. The public can also browse a vast art library at the von Liebig. Free lending is available to Naples Art Association patrons.

13. Live Performance And Art Events

Whether you’re buying and eating along Third Street South or Fifth Avenue South in downtown Naples or at the Village Shops on Venetian Bay in the Park Shore neighborhood of Naples, there are plenty of performing arts options.

Numerous free art events are held in Naples, such as the Art in the Park arts and crafts fair, which happens on the first Saturday of every month from November to April. The downtown region is home to numerous art celebrations, one of which is the esteemed Naples National Art Festival, held in February.


There’s so much fun to be had! Even though people think it’s a fancy place, there are many cheap and fun things to do in Naples, Florida. You can attend exciting talks at the Conservancy or enjoy watching birds without your wallet frequently ticking. So, enjoy Naples without worrying about money; every moment here will be super special

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Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
There’s a lot to do in this vibrant city. The city of Naples is a hub of action. The town has an impression that everyone knew their role in it as I was wandering around. You need to pick up the pace and start strolling across the street for automobiles to know to halt.
Naples is known for real estate, hence the high cost since it is a resort beach community. The national average is 100, and the home affordability index is 140. However, it’s less expensive than real estate in many American beach towns.
Naples, a city in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, is well-known for its upscale shopping, renowned museums, fine restaurants, family-friendly activities, and exciting outdoor spaces. Hundreds of hectares of national and state parks, conserves, and nature reserves are located just one hour’s drive from Marco Island and Naples.
Yes, beach admission is free.

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