9 Best Beaches For Single Females On Vacation

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Why should single females go on vacation?

For single females, either working class or unemployed, it is ideal to unwind after a hard day’s work. Taking a day off to relax and unwind is very important, as it helps to calm the mind and put the body in better shape than it last was.

When it is time to unwind, a vacation is one that most women would rather resort to, as it is a way of getting away from the commotion of work and can guarantee a very refreshing alone time. 

As a single lady seeking a well-lit and fun-filled beach, one that guarantees safety and inclusion, you need not look further than Miami, which offers a lot of fun activities, loud music, and the like.

Also known as the magic city, it offers many other beaches to choose from, and a lot more in store, let’s check it out!

1. Crandon Park Beach (Miami)

The-beautiful-scenery-of-the-Crandon-beach-that-consists-of-trees-and-waters-@guilhemfranck Instagram
The beautiful scenery of the crandon beach, that consists of trees and waters-@guilhemfranck Instagram

Located along the barrier island of Key Biscayne, Crandon Beach is popularly known for its beautiful shores and is an ideal location for single women on vacation. 

It has a rich coastal environment, protected wetlands, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. There are beautifully crafted paths for those walking and biking and it also has a skateboarding area.

It also has concession stands and a promenade waterfront. Above all, the serenity is beautiful, and a beautiful place to see the sunset. 

2. Hobie Beach (Miami)

a-young-woman-enjoying-her-milkshake-at-an-outlet-on-the-Hobie-beach-@alexakobol Instagram
A young woman enjoying her milkshake at an outlet on the Hobie beach – @alexakobol Instagram

Also en route to Key Biscayne, just on the back of Rickenbacker Causeway, the well-known windsurfing Hobie Beach.

It is popularly known for its windsurfing experience and is a notable beach vacation location for single women, looking for a place to unwind. The beach earned its nickname “The Surfer’s Beach” by hosting a locally run windsurfing rental concession for more than twenty years.

It has beautiful skyline views because it is located between Brickell and Downtown Miami and ladies if you have a puppy or chihuahua, this beach is for you. The water is quite shallow, hence a good environment for your pets. 

3. Daytona Beach (Florida)

Have-a-sun-bath-and-enjoy-the-glow-at-Daytona-beach-@elodiecandy Instagram
Have a sun bath, and enjoy the glow at Daytona beach – @elodiecandy Instagram

Daytona Beach is located 55 miles from St. Augustine and 57 miles north of Orlando Florida. 

It is also known as the All-American Beach and has a wide range of activities and side spots to visit once you are in the neighborhood. In terms of food, fun, and fantastic friends, you sure would want to pay adequate attention to your time spent here.

Whether it is Beach Street or the  Boardwalk, there are always new treasures, flavors, friends, and men to be found. It is the perfect place for a single female vacation.

4. Cocoa Beach (Florida)

Relax-have-a-good-view-of-the-cocoa-beach-@Cocoabeachpie Instagram
Relax, and have a good view by renting chairs on the cocoa beach – @Cocoabeachpie Instagram

Cocoa Beach is in the south city of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and is popularly known for its beautiful beaches, surfing culture, and closeness to the Kennedy Space Center. 

This beach has a very attractive plus which is the glowing of the water at night. This is a natural phenomenon caused by algae or dinoflagellates which light up the water with their high concentration in salt. Every single female will be attracted to a glowing beach.

It is a few minutes from Kiwanis Park, and there is a kayak tour there. There are also other side attractions present at Cocoa Beach such as dining spots, nightlife, and deep sea fishing to mention a few. 

5. South Pointe Beach (Miami)

Having-a-great-view-of-the-sea-too-but-not-alone-@yanma.martinez.3 Instagram
Having a great view of the sea too, but not alone. – @yanma.martinez.3 Instagram

Located at the southern tip of Miami Beach is a beautiful green park that has access to the beach and other beautiful sights to the eyes. 

This is also a relaxing vacation beach for a single female, as it offers a captivating panoramic view of the south beach outline, Port Miami’s cruise ship, and the Fisher Island to mention a few. 

It also has photo-worthy views, just take a 20-minute stroll to see Fisher Island across the water, there are also shades available if you would like to read a book. It has barbecue areas, as well as a mini water playground for cooling on a hot day. 

Best of all, there is a steak house owned by Smith and Wollensky, located in the park with dine-in and carry-out options.

6. Hollywood Beach (Florida)

Hollywood-beach-is-known-for-its-beautiful-Atlantic-oceans-@sebastiancosta Instagram
Hollywood Beach is known for its beautiful Atlantic oceans – @sebastiancosta Instagram

Situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, is Hollywood in Florida, and is well known for its beautiful beach, perfect for a single woman vacation trip.

Hollywood Beach is well known for its Atlantic oceans. This beach is a lot quieter and budget-friendly compared to its neighboring Miami Beach. It has avenues for both visitors and locales to skate, stroll, and cycle along the Hollywood Broadwalk.

There is a Hollywood beach resort (The Margaritaville) that has a palm-lined brick promenade with Tiki bars, seafood eaters, hotels, and motels included. It also has a very beautiful sunset that single females would love.

7. Panama City Beach (Florida)

Volleyball-as-one-of-the-activities-you-can-engage-in-on-the-beach-as-a-single-female - @beachvolly_beauties Instagram
Volleyball as one of the activities you can engage in on the beach as a single female – @beachvolly_beauties Instagram

Panama City Beach is located in the northwest town of Florida, and it is adorned with a beautiful beachfront. Aside from the sun, surf, and sea, of the waterfront, there are also other varieties at the shopping outlet present in the town.

The beach is also known for its white sand that calms the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Panama City Beach is rated highly amongst all other things. A lot of people love living here and they shown how much they love the space. 

The beach also ranks high in terms of outdoor activities, nightlife, food, weather, and many more. It is a very conducive and serene environment for single women.

8. North Beach Ocean-Side Park (Miami)

North-Beach-Ocean-side-Park-is-known-for-its-sandy-shores-and-vast-waters - @ulrichbavaria Instagram
North Beach Ocean side Park is known for its sandy shores and vast waters – @ulrichbavaria Instagram

North Beach Ocean-Side Park is located between 78th and 87th Street in Miami Beach and is a beautiful treasure to the eyes of many. 

Offering a calm and natural oasis, the beach is bordered by a row of dunes and leads to an expanse of tranquil beaches surrounded by lifeguards on duty. There is enough space to lie down have a sun bath, and listen to the waves without being bothered about the surf. 

There is a beautiful park present on the beach, to stroll around, and take a read in the evenings. There is also a fitness gym present on the beach where you can enjoy fresh exercise.

9. Clearwater Beach (Florida)

You-can-rent-shades-while-having-a-clear-view-of-the-clear-waters-@clearwaterbeachdaily Instagram
You can rent shades, while having a clear view of the clear waters – @clearwaterbeachdaily Instagram

Named No. 1 Best Beach in the South, according to USA Today, and over recent times has been named best beach in America, Clearwater Beach is a sight to sore eyes, just like its name.

Also known as Sunshine Beach, it is always a fun, friendly, casual, and buzzing space. The beach is a captivating sight as clear waters have sugary sands that are steps ahead of hotels and restaurants around. 

You can decide to rent a shaded cabana for the day, and if you are willing to have a more serene day, you walk up north, where there is less crowd. It is a beautiful space at night. 

And for a natural beach experience, you can head south, toward Sand Key Park, a spotless beach with acres of underdeveloped beachfront. 


Vacations are very important, most important for single women. This helps you to spend alone time with yourself, reflect on yourself, and give you a very amazing glow to your body as a whole.

It is also a time to get away and create new memories for yourself and who knows? You may find the bone of your bone.

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Spain, but in America, Miami and Florida. They are safe because there are night guards present at the beaches 24/7. There is also constant security and electricity. Above all, it has a serene environment.
Yes it is. It helps you boost your inner confidence and also gives you a better state of mind.

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