North Beach Oceanside Park: Your Go-To Destination

North beach oceanside park


Looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Or are you looking for a calm sanctuary to immerse yourself in nature? Then you need to visit North Beach Oceanside Park.

Located in the heart of Miami Beach sits a stunning park called North Beach Oceanside Park. Although not as popular as the south beach, the north beach Oceanside Park definitely holds its own.

While South Beach’s renowned beaches and crazy party scene are its main draws, attractions such as the beach, a playground, a dog park, and a number of different walking and bike routes are some of the biggest draws to North beach park. 

History of North Beach Oceanside Park

North Beach Oceanside Park was originally known as North Shore Open Space Park. For over 24 years, North Shore Open Space Park has been a staple of the North Beach community.

The City of Miami Beach started a significant makeover of North Shore Open Space Park in 2015. A new playground, a dog park, and a number of walking and bike routes were also included in the renovation. 

The park’s dunes and coastal vegetation were also restored and protected in an effort to maintain its ecological importance. In 2017, the area was renamed North Beach Oceanside Park.

The park has continued to be a well-liked gathering spot where locals and visitors may unwind, enjoy leisure pursuits, and take in Miami Beach’s scenic surroundings. 

North Beach Oceanside Park is still a vital component of Miami Beach’s coastal culture today and draws tourists from all over the world.

A seaside Haven

North Beach Oceanside Park, which covers around 28 acres, provides tourists and locals with a calm sanctuary away from the noise and bustle of the city. A spotless sandy beach that runs along the Atlantic Ocean welcomes you as you enter the park. 

The beach in North Beach Oceanside Park is a fantastic location for sunbathing and relaxation. The ocean is quiet and clear, and the beach is broad and sandy.

The boardwalk in the park is kept up well and offers beautiful views as well as a practical route for bikers, joggers, and walkers. It is the ideal location for nature lovers to fully immerse themselves in the coastal ecology because it is surrounded by lush vegetation and local species. Seagulls, herons, and pelicans are just a few of the many bird species that frequent the park, which will delight birdwatchers.

Where to find the park

North Beach Oceanside Park is located at 8328 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. It is bordered by 79th Street to the south, 87th Street to the north, Collins Avenue to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

The park is easily reachable via a variety of transportation methods. The park is easily accessible by automobile, and there are plenty of parking spots. Those without vehicles can still access the area thanks to public transportation choices including buses.

Amenities at North Beach oceanside park include:

  • A beach
  •  A playground
  •  A dog park
  • A variety of walking and biking trails
  •  A restroom
  • A parking lot

Recreational Activities

North Beach Oceanside Park provides a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. The park has well-equipped picnic spaces with grills and picnic tables where families and friends can enjoy a delicious outdoor dinner while taking in the coastal breeze. The playground, which includes swings, slides, and climbing structures, is ideal for children. Here are some of the activities you can do at the park:

1. Water sports

If you are a fan of watersports, then you are in luck as you can explore the water at your own speed by renting paddleboards, kayaks, or jet skis from adjacent merchants. In approved fishing sites, anglers can try their luck and capture a variety of coastal fish. 

If you are not experienced in any of these water sports, several companies offer lessons and tours.

Please note that some of these water sports may require a permit or fee. It is always best to check with the park or a local vendor for more information.

2. Picnic

Picnics are some of the most popular activities at the North beach oceanside park. In fact, you won’t find it difficult to unwind and set up your picnic. Worrying about your four-legged friends? Don’t worry as dogs are permitted in the park on leashes, although they are not permitted on the beach. So bring your pet along for a day in the sun.

3. Other Sports

Not a fan of water sports? Volleyball courts, soccer fields, and basketball courts are available for individuals wanting more athletic pursuits, and friendly matches can be organized. You can also make use of the outdoor exercise equipment distributed throughout the park for exercise if you are a fitness aficionado You will be able to admire the scenery while working out.

4. Restaurants

Wondering where to eat if you get hungry? There are so many restaurants around to eat and George’s Restaurant & Lounge is definitely one of the best places to eat especially if you are a fan of Italian food. The restaurant serves fantastic Italian cuisine, homemade pastas, and fresh seafood, all at reasonable prices and great service. Norman’s Tavern and Petralunga Restaurant are some of the restaurants you can visit around to grab some amazing meals.

5. Attend special events

North Beach Oceanside Park hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and art shows. Salsa En La Playa and Gran Fiesta de San Juan are some of the events you can attend. Gran Fiesta de San Juan festival celebrates the culture of Puerto Rico with live music, food, and dancing.

In addition to these events, the park also hosts a variety of other activities, such as yoga classes, movie nights, and fitness classes.

Finally, for the ease and comfort of tourists, North Beach Oceanside Park offers necessary amenities. There are plenty of parking places as well as hygienic restrooms. For those seeking shade and relaxation, shady picnic pavilions and beach chairs are also available for rent.

Facts about North Beach Oceanside Park

1. It was formerly called North Shore Open Space Park.

2. North Beach Oceanside Park serves as a popular gathering spot for the local community, providing a place for residents to connect, socialize, and enjoy outdoor activities.

3. A variety of bird species can find a home at North Beach Oceanside Park, which is surrounded by rich vegetation, local flora, and dunes, preserving the area’s natural beauty.

North Beach Oceanside Park Photos

These are some of the photos taken at North Beach Oceanside Park:


North Beach Oceanside Park is a lovely park in the center of Miami Beach. The park has many attractions, including a beach, a playground, a dog park, and several walking and bike routes.

In fact, this park has something for everyone, whether you want to sunbathe, participate in sports, investigate marine life, or simply rest amid nature’s splendor. So, if you find yourself in Miami, make a point of visiting North Beach Oceanside Park and experiencing its allure for yourself.


North Beach Oceanside Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your question about the location we haven't answered
The park is open seven days a week from 9:30 am–8 pm
Yes, North Beach Oceanside Park is wheelchair accessible. The park has a variety of accessible features, including ramps, accessible restrooms, and accessible parking.
Yes, Dogs are allowed as there is a dog park available in the park

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