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Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille is a unique place to eat. Established in 1979, Perry’s has consistently upheld a reputation for offering some of the finest cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list. In fact, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary haven where exceptional food, superb service, and an inviting ambiance come together.

The Perry’s Steakhouse dress code is essential to upholding this ambiance and creates the ideal setting for an unforgettable dining experience. We’ll go into the specifics of Perry’s Steakhouse dress code in this post, covering its significance, the requirements it implies, and how you may make sure you’re dressed suitably for a night of delectable cuisine.

Perry’s Steakhouse Dress Code

Are you wondering what is the dress code for Perry’s Steakhouse? Well, this post is all you need to get started and pick your choice of outfit.

Perry’s Steakhouse dress code is business casual and it plays a pivotal role in maintaining the restaurant’s unique ambiance. It’s not about being pretentious; it’s about ensuring that the dining experience is consistent with Perry’s commitment to elegance and sophistication.

Hints For Men

As a little note, Perry’s Steakhouse Dress Code allows for cowboy hats and fedoras in the main dining room as it would add a touch of style to the ambiance.

However, if you’re wearing a baseball cap, they’d kindly ask you to dine in Perry’s Bar 79 and keep the bill facing forward.

Hints For Women

  • Dresses or skirts are cool. These should be of an appropriate length and in a style that reflects the business casual or elegant ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Pants are also suitable. They should be well-tailored and in a conservative style.
  • You can pair your pants or skirts with blouses, dressy tops, or even a tasteful sweater. The key is to choose clothing that is elegant and not overly casual.
  • Dressy shoes or heels are typically recommended to go with your outfit. Avoid overly casual or athletic footwear.
  • Accessories are also good ideas, but keep it tasteful. Statement jewelry and accessories can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Friday’s Pork Chop Special: An exception

The Friday Pork Chop Special is an exemption to Perry’s steakhouse dress code requirement, which is something that many customers eagerly look forward to. A big bone-in pork chop is sliced at the table for this dish’s hallmark dish. The fact that men are expected to wear a jacket when ordering the pork chop special makes it unique.

In fact, the eating experience is enhanced by this unusual Perry’s steakhouse dress code requirement. At Perry’s, wearing a jacket for the evening is a special custom because men frequently enjoy the opportunity to do so.

What not to wear

Wearing gym clothes, sports jerseys, sweatpants, and athletic shoes is not recommended.

Beachwear: Skip shorts, flip-flops, beach-style clothing, and swimwear. Perry’s is an upscale steakhouse, so beach attire is not suitable.

Avoid wearing T-shirts with images, phrases, or extremely informal designs. Choose collared shirts or classier tops.

Jeans with Rips or Distressed Appearance: While jeans can be worn on some occasions, distressed or overly casual jeans are generally not appropriate.

Overly Revealing or Casual Clothing: Perry’s maintains an atmosphere of elegance, so avoid overly revealing or excessively casual attire.

Location variation

Keep in mind that different Perry’s Steakhouse locations may have varying dress codes, and there may be exceptions, such as the demand that males wear a jacket while ordering the Friday Pork Chop Special. It is advised to verify the exact Perry’s Steakhouse location you intend to visit or reference their official website for any location-specific dress code standards.

Presently, there are multiple Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill locations in the United States. Below are the top United States cities with the most Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill locations

  1. Texas (13)
  2. ILLINOIS Illinois (2)
  3. Colorado (1)
  4. Florida, Miami(1)
  5. North Carolina (1)

Making Reservations and Dressing

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille is a popular dining destination, especially during peak hours and for special occasions. Making reservations in advance is often recommended to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

It’s a good idea to find out the precise dress code for the evening you plan to eat before making reservations.


For elegance, richness, and top-notch service in the world of fine dining, look no further than Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille.

Knowing and following Perry’s steakhouse dress code will ensure that you not only live up to the restaurant’s standards but also improve your personal dining experience. Make sure to keep in mind that dressing the part is more than just a matter of formality as you plan your trip to Perry’s.

So, if you are thinking: does Perry’s Steakhouse have a dress code? yes they have and it is business casual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
Yes, there is and the dress code is business casual
Yes, it is okay to wear jeans, however, you might want to avoid ripped jeans
The dress code for a steakhouse can vary depending on the establishment. Some steakhouses have a more casual dress code, while others have a more formal one. In general, it is always best to err on the side of caution and dress more formally.
Yes, you can contact the specific Perry’s Steakhouse location directly to confirm the dress code or check their official website for dress code information, especially if you have any doubts about your attire.

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