Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park: Serene Haven in Bonita Lakes

Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park


Bonita Lakes is a family-friendly neighborhood in Miami-Dade County located in the western part of the city and it is a place I love to visit from time to time. The neighborhood is home to a variety of housing styles, including single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. It is also home to Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park which is a great complement to the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of the community.

Formerly called Deerwood Park, Deerwood Bonita lakes park is a beautiful outdoor recreation area located in Bonita Lakes. The park encompasses a large area and provides a variety of services and activities for guests of all ages.

Among the facilities here are baseball fields, basketball courts, a soccer field(my personal favorite), a playground, a dog park, and a walking trail in the park.

In addition to the other facilities, the park also has picnic spaces and shelters where people can enjoy alfresco meals with family and friends. The park provides excellent locations for outdoor dining and socializing, whether it’s a casual picnic on the grass or a larger gathering under the pavilion.

So if you are looking to visit alone or with family and friends, there is always something for you. First, let’s dive into a little bit of history

Park history

The park doesn’t have so much history to its name, but one of the notable things about the park is its name change or update. The park was originally called Deerwood Park, but it was renamed Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park to highlight its proximity to the Bonita Lakes residential complex.


A picnic is more than just a meal; it is a magnificent event that both rejuvenates and nourishes the spirit. It’s a delectable symphony of flavors, scents, and laughs shared with family and friends. It invites us to calm down, let go of our problems, and be immersed in the beauty of nature’s embrace.

Having a Picnic at Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park is one of the best places to have this kind of treat.

The picnic area at Deerwood Bonita Lakes is fantastic. This picnic area is located on a lovely lake and includes charcoal grills for you, your friends, family, and even your four-legged friend.

Sporting Activities

Sports bring out our greatest qualities. They push us to dig deep, go the additional mile, and discover our inner power. In fact, they establish a sense of belonging in us, resulting in lifelong connections and amazing memories.

With different sports fields including soccer, baseball, and basketball field available at the Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park, you are sure to enjoy sports matches and even participate in various sports and events right in the park.

So, step onto the field, court, or track and unleash your inner strength. 

Workout and Recreation

There are fitness programs throughout each month for older persons to remain active and physically fit. In fact, once a month, Miami Dade County Parks & Recreation collaborates with the Health Foundation of South Florida to provide health and wellness fairs for the adult population.

Other workout classes are available three times each week. They are led by professional instructors and involve an hour of physical fitness activities such as stretching, strength training, flexibility, and balance methods.

Jogging and walking are also some of the popular recreation activities in this park, so you will see individuals and families doing different kinds of activities.

Dog Park

Deerwood Bonita Lake is known for its Dog park as it is one of the best around and I always make sure to bring my Dog here anytime I get the chance.

This 11-acre park is a Dog-friendly park that features many fantastic amenities for you and your dog, and dogs are welcome to join you in the park on a leash.

In fact, many locals and visitors like taking their dogs for walks on the asphalt trail at Deerwood Bonita Lake. This path runs the length of the park, passing by a playground, basketball courts, a lighted soccer field, and baseball fields. 

The path also passes by a community center, which provides a range of exercise courses such as aerobics, stretching, Zumba, and others. 

Bag dispensers and bins are strategically placed throughout the park to facilitate cleaning up after your Dog. The best part? You don’t even have to walk far to get something to eat as there are several Dog-restaurants close just a short drive from the park.

Facts about Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park

1. The park is 11 acres in size.

2. The park features a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a picnic area, and a walking trail.

3. The park is also home to a small lake, which is popular for fishing and bird watching.

4. The park was originally named Deerwood Park but it was renamed to Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park to reflect the name of the surrounding community.

Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park Photos

These are some of the photos taken at the Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park


Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park is a wonderful area to spend the day with your family. It is a great family-friendly park with a wide range of amenities. So, if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, or if you are interested in participating in sports activities, Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park is a great option.


Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your question about the location we haven't answered
The park is open 9am throughout the week. While the park closes at 9pm from Friday to Sunday, it closes 5pm from Monday to Thursday
The park features a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a picnic area, and a walking trail. The park is also home to a small lake.
Yes, there is Fit2Play Afterschool Program. There is also Fit2Play Winter/Spring/Summer & Full-Day Camp Program, all for children between the ages of 6 to 14. Camp program for children ages 6-14

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