Best 7 Spots For Dinner Party In Miami (And 2 To Avoid)

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Jaya at The Setai remains one of the best restaurants for dinner party in Miami, with their Asian Night Bazaar dinner party organized every Thursday to Saturday from 6 to 11:30 PM. The restaurant’s palm trees, sushi, acrobats, dancers, contortionists, and live music create a perfect atmosphere for a night out. However, there are better options if you prefer a more casual setting or are looking for a specific type of cuisine.

Miami is home to various stunning venues that are perfect for hosting the ultimate dinner party. This is a good thing but a challenge for anyone looking for the perfect dinner party restaurant. The chances of picking a not-so-fantastic place are high with so many options.

Every Friday night, I and a group of friends at South Beach try out fabulous dinner parties to spice dinner plans. I have been to many restaurants and dinner party venues across Miami enough to know the best place for an intimate setting and others for grand space to accommodate a large group – from trendy rooftop restaurants with breathtaking views to elegant banquet halls with world-class cuisine.

The 7 Best Dinner Party Restaurants in Miami

So if you’re looking for the best spots for dinner party in Miami, here are my top recommendations.

 Best Dinner Party Restaurants in MiamiWhy I recommend
1.Jaya at The Setai, Miami BeachBest Overall
2.Chica MiamiBest live music and energetic dinner atmosphere
3.Bourbon Steak Miami by Michael MinaBest for hosting private dinners with a large group
4.The Deck at Island GardensDinner party location with the best view
5.Villa Azur MiamiBest for hosting a dinner party in a private open space 
6.El TucanBest specialty cocktails and extravagant, immersive décor
7.Marion Miami, BrickellSuper fun soirée  with an after-party 

Let’s now dive into a full review. After that, I’ll show you two locations you might want to avoid considering (and why)

1. Jaya at The Setai, Miami Beach

Jaya at The Setai, Miami Beach, tops the list of the best dinner party restaurants in Miami. It is a recommended destination to visit for a fantastic dinner party night out, alone or with an entourage. It is a stylish restaurant that organizes the Asian Night Bazaar on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

You’ll love the sparkling palm trees, freshly made sushi, and incredible acrobats. The live music, energetic dancers, and contortionists contribute to the fun package. The menu is also incredible.

2. Chica Miami

If you are more interested in a spot for dinner party in Miami where live music is at its best, head to CHICA. The celebrated celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia offers the hottest dining experiences full of Latin flavor at the CHICA restaurant every Friday and Saturday night.

From live musicians and dancers to DJs and guest performers, CHICA is a musically-charged atmosphere for Dinner parties in Miami, so much so that the restaurant transforms into a bustling Miami nightlife destination known as Chica Nights.

3. Bourbon Steak Miami by Michael Mina

Bourbon Steak Miami is the best option if you’re looking for a location to have a private dinner party in Miami with a large group. It could be a group of friends, associates, or fellow tourists.  The stylish steakhouse is inside JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa.

I like the private dining room. It can accommodate 30 people with every décor design, making it Instagrammable. The cuisine is Fantastic. from Form A5 and American Wagyu beef to a selection of dry-aged meats.

If you want to host a little formal but laid-back dinner party in Miami with a group, this is the location!

4. The Deck at Island Gardens

The Deck at Island Gardens is a massive outdoor lounge with great music, entertainment, excellent food, and cocktails. This makes it join the list of our top dinner party restaurants in Miami. 

There are not too many spots where you can dine alongside some of Miami’s most luxurious super yachts, so if you’re looking for a dinner party in Miami with the best view, The Deck at Island Gardens is the best bet.

5. Villa Azur Miami

The private but open space at Villa Azur Miami makes it the perfect location to host a dinner party in Miami. Diners here enjoy the lush outdoor courtyard ideally. We used this location for 120 guests, and I loved the seafood tower and chateaubriand au poivre, among other specialties.

Villa Azur Miami is a Mediterranean favorite for open-space dinner parties but also offers intimate spaces like the La Cave D’Azur Wine Cellar.

6. El Tucan

The specialty cocktails and the extravagant, immersive décor have to be the unique selling point of  El Tucan. El Tucan is your spot if you want a location for a dinner party in 305, where you can enjoy Asian-inspired dishes paired with lavish cocktails inside a tropical jungle.

7. Marion Miami, Brickell

I like the superfun soirée at Marion Miami. Unlike other dinner party restaurants in Miami, you get a French twist here. You can come here every Thursday evening for a super fun soirée, where they bring in live DJ beats with dinner and libations by the bar.

But the absolute stepper is the after-party at El Tucán, right next door, where you can enjoy great music and drinks after the subtle one here.

2 Spots to Avoid for Dinner Party In Miami

Miami has many great dinner party restaurants to choose from, but here are two restaurants I’ve visited and reckon that you may want to avoid:

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles is a popular dinner party restaurant in Little Havana that serves Cuban cuisine. While the food is generally good, the restaurant can be busy and crowded, particularly on weekends.

This could make it challenging to have a comfortable and relaxed dinner party.

Mango’s Tropical Café

Mango’s is a restaurant and nightclub located in the heart of South Beach. While it has a lively atmosphere and offers entertainment such as live music and salsa dancing, there may be better choices for a dinner party.

I’m all for the music, but when it’s too loud, such as making conversation difficult, that’s not good. And the many times I’ve been here, that’s the case. Also, the venue can get quite crowded, particularly on weekends.

Also, you may not like that the menu focuses more on drinks and small bites than on complete meals. There may be better options than this if you’re looking for a formal dinner party setting.

There you have it, social butterfly!

If you’re only looking to dine out with family or a group of friends, then you’ll find many dinner party restaurants in Miami beckoning. But when you narrow down to preference on privacy, expensive dining area, delicious platters to share, rooftop for a picturesque view, and whatnot, then the options that appeal reduce.

With this ultimate guide, you now know the best locations to head on to for the ultimate dinner party experience in Miami (and the few ones to avoid)

Let me know in the comments which other venues in Miami would make this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
Chet Tania is the best option if you’re looking to hire the best private chef in Miami for a dinner party in your courtyard. She mixes both her heritage and culinary background through Mexican-French cuisine. However, depending on your preference for cuisine and the culinary services required, you may want to consider other fantastic options like Basil Personal Chef, Marina Staver, and Facu Kairuz.
To find a private chef in Miami, you can start by searching online directories like Thumbtack, Yelp, or Angie’s List. But the most efficient way is to hire a personal chef through a staffing agency like Hire Society or The Domestic Group. Meanwhile, asking for recommendations from friends and family can be helpful.
The cost of a private chef in Miami can vary depending on factors such as their level of experience, the complexity of the dishes requested, and the duration of their services. However, on average, a private chef in Miami can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour or $200 to $1,500 per day.
Some of the best restaurants that turn into clubs in Miami include Komodo, Bâoli Miami, and Swan. These venues are popular due to their upscale atmosphere, delicious food, and lively party scene. They attract a trendy crowd with their stylish decor, top-notch DJs, and high-energy dance floors, making them ideal destinations for a night out on the town.

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