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When it comes to the best black private chefs in Miami, Charayne Stubbs is highly recommended due to her extensive culinary background and Caribbean and Southern cuisine expertise. She has worked for top-tier restaurants and catering companies and was a finalist on Food Network’s “Chopped.” However, you may also want to consider Richard Ingraham, who has experience cooking for professional athletes, or Chef Tiyan, known for her farm-to-table approach and fusion cuisine.

Miami is known for its diverse population and food culture. Still, the world of private chefs here is challenging and competitive since specific population segments may prefer to hire chefs from specific culinary backgrounds or ethnicities. There are over 147,434 chefs currently employed in the United States, according to Zippia’s recent research.

While this can limit the opportunities for black private chefs in Miami, some fantastic black men and women in Miami have decorated reviews about their culinary expertise, experience, and exposure. 

If you are tired of the same old dining experience in Miami and looking for something more exciting and personalized, a black private chef in Miami may be just what you need. The men and women on this list are executive chefs and entrepreneurs who will deliver excellently for intimate dinners and significant events. 

Some of the best black private chefs In Miami are

1. Charayne Stubbs

Chef Rayne, or “yacht chef” as I’d like to call her, offers exceptional culinary services to clients as they travel the seven seas. With expertise in preparing a wide range of dishes, she can cater to your specific tastes and preferences, providing a customized dining experience that meets your needs.

As a full-service chef (and instructor), Chef Rayne offers a variety of meal options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with intimate events on board the yacht. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a multi-course meal, Chef Rayne is dedicated to delivering high-quality, delicious cuisine that satisfies your appetite.

She is available for short-term and long-term travel engagements based out of Port Miami. With her extensive experience and passion for cooking, you can trust her to provide a memorable dining experience.

2. Richard Ingraham

Chef Richard Ingraham and his team are renowned for providing exceptional private chef services to a diverse array of clients in sports and entertainment, including the legendary basketball player Dwayne Wade. With a unique blend of flavor and nutrition, he creates beautiful and accessible dishes catering to each client’s dietary requirements and preferences.

And yes, the team is equipped to provide a range of services, from private chef services to intimate dining, catering, and cooking classes. 

You can try this guy out for a romantic dinner for two or a lavish event for dozens of guests. He focuses on locally-sourced and organic ingredients, so their menus are delicious and nourishing, reflecting his commitment to healthy eating. 

3. Calvin Smith

Chef Calvin Smith, one of Miami’s top-rated personal chefs, is renowned for his unique and playful approach to cuisine. Combining his culinary expertise with his artistic flair, Chef Cal creates outrageously flavorful and beautifully designed dishes to impress guests.

You can reserve Chef Cal for various events, including special occasions, catering, yacht parties, and personal chef services. With his signature “Gold Card” exclusively available to select hirers, Chef Cal ensures a personalized and exclusive experience for those in the know.

4. Chef Tiyan

Chef Tiyan Alile is the best black chef in Miami if you’re craving mouth-watering cuisine that blends West African and American flavors. This award-winning private chef is the go-to person for refined haute cuisine that tickles your taste buds. Her culinary expertise has led her to own and operate several restaurants, teach diverse culinary classes, and even found a Culinary Academy. 

From French to Nigerian to American soul food, she’s the person for the job.

5. Chef Robbie Bobby

Chef Robbie is the Founder and Executive Chef of Palate5 Executive Services. He is a personal and private chef who caters to executive clients from all over the U.S., including CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, and celebrities. 

With only five years of experience, Chef Robbie has made a name for himself with his peerless service and outstanding food. 

Bears mentioned you could count on his professionalism and class. Once you’ve tasted his food, you’ll savor it forever.  But he’s not as popular as a few other black chefs in 305, but his culinary skills are topnotch.

What does a private chef service entail in Miami?

When you hire a private chef in Miami, they will be responsible for customizing the menu for your event, purchasing ingredients necessary to prepare the meals, preparing the menu in your home or preferred location, and offering complete table service. In addition, private chefs in Miami also set up and clean your kitchen or any spaces used during the experience. 

How much does a black private chef cost in Miami?

The cost of hiring a black private chef in Miami depends on the number of people to be served, the season or period, and sometimes, the urgency. The average cost of getting a private chef in Miami is $130 per person for a booking that contains two diners, while some chefs prefer to charge per hour.

Most of these private executive chefs also consider the destination, making the price vary depending on the situation. 

Wrapping up

You can hire any of the above-listed black private chefs and be assured of a unique and culturally diverse culinary experience. It is also a way to show support for diversity and inclusion in Miami’s culinary industry and show appreciation for the contributions of black chefs to the culinary world. 

Outside getting bespoke culinary services, the exciting part is that you can learn about different culinary traditions and expand your palate when you hire any of these black private chefs in Miami.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
The Miami Heat does not have an official chef. However, the team has a partnership with Levy Restaurants, which provides food and beverage services at AmericanAirlines Arena.
Some of the best Black owned restaurants in Miami are: Kush by Stephen’s, a burger joint in Wynwood; Lil Greenhouse Grill, serving soul food in Overtown; Rosie’s, a Caribbean-inspired restaurant in Overtown; and Jackson Soul Food, famous for their fried chicken in Overtown
To find a private chef in Miami using Instagram hashtags, search for relevant tags such as #miamiprivatechef, #miamifoodie, or #miamifoodbloggers. Look for chefs with impressive portfolios and positive reviews from clients. Don’t forget to check their availability and pricing.
When picking a black chef in Miami, consider their expertise and style of cooking. Look for chefs who specialize in the type of cuisine you are interested in and have a solid track record of delivering delicious and innovative dishes. Don’t forget to check their availability and pricing as well.

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