Whispering Pines Park: A Community Treasure

Whispering pines park


Are you looking for a place to get away with your friends, families, and loved ones in Miami-Dade?

Miami, Florida is home to many parks, and Whispering Pines Park is one such park. Not only is Whispering Pines such a beautiful name, the park in itself is very beautiful.

Whispering Pines Park offers amazing outdoor activities, a cool and serene environment, and very beautiful views of nature and landscapes. It is a great place to get away from the hustling-bustling of the busy city environments.

Whispering Pines Park is a 1.3-acre park located at SW 88th Avenue and Ridgeland Drive in the center of the Whispering Pines neighborhood. The park is close to Whispering Pines Elementary School and the Ned Glenn Nature Preserve.  Furthermore, since the 1960s, the picnic pavilion and covered playground in the lushly wooded park have served as the staging area for the Whispering Pines Fourth of July Parade.

Why Whispering Park Pines?

Definitely, Miami-Dade County is blessed with many beautiful parks and recreational spots. But there is something special about Whispering Pines Park which made it one of the standout parks in the county.

Whispering Pines Park is an all-inclusive park. Although it is a small park, it has something for everyone — children, teenagers, and adults. There is definitely something to do for everyone at Whispering Pines Park.

Playground and Camping Sites

The park has a very nice playground with many equipment for kids to play with. There are swings for kids to enjoy and also there is a small covered playground where kids can roam about freely, jump, skip, and try out games with friends their age on the playground.

The ground cover in the playground is sand so you can bring along some sand toys for your kids to play with on the playground and enjoy themselves. It is so much fun on the playground.

Furthermore, aside from the covered playgrounds, there is some grass to run around in and enjoy some ball games. If your kid is a lover of soccer, then he will definitely enjoy playing football on the well-trimmed grass in the park.

You don’t need to worry about your kids running around the camp because there are some benches located close to the playground where you can sit and watch your kids.

Also, there is a picnic area in the park. Therefore you don’t have to worry about bringing your families to the park to have a fun time at Whispering Pines Park. Even the park can serve as the perfect place for a birthday bash, reunion, get-together, etc. All you need to do is to locate the picnic area in the park. There are chairs and tables available to make use of in the picnic area.

In addition, the park is always overshadowed by a serene environment and beautiful views of nature can be seen from anywhere in the park.

Things To Know

There are some things you need to know about Whispering Pines Park before visiting in order for you to have the maximum fun you intend to have. This information will help you navigate your way around the park and also help you to maximum fun.

Whispering Pines Park is encircled on two sides by residential constructions. One side is occupied by a school, and the other side is bordered by the Ned Glenn Nature Preserve.

Sadly, the nature reserve next door does not allow for public access. And if there is going to be any access at all, it must be for the benefit of the wildlife.

Admission into the park is free and also you don’t need to worry about bringing your vehicles to the park because there is space for parking and parking is free as well.

If you live around the area, the park is easy to locate and it is within walking distance of the area.

Park Amenities

  1. Covered Playground
  2. Pavilion
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Gazebo
  5. Benches to sit
  6. Grill
  7. Parking
  8. Picnic Areas


Whispering Pines Park has been home to the Whispering Pines 4th of July Parade since the 1960s.

The following are some of the events that have taken place and will take place in the park:

Active Adults | Game Day Series

Active Adults Kitchen Experience Class

Active Adults | Clay Arts Series

Location Description

Whispering Pines Park is very easy to locate and you don’t need to stress yourself before you can find your way to the camp if you are not coming from town.

The park is located at 10720 Caribbean Boulevard, Suite 225

Cutler Bay, FL 33189. The park is always open from Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. excluding holidays.

From sunrise to sunset, the park is always open!

Facts about Whispering Pines Park

  • Whispering Pines Park has served as the meeting place for the Whispering Pines Fourth of July Parade since the 1960s
  • Whispering Pines Park have areas both covered with sand and grass.
  • The park is well-covered and is well shaded.

Whispering pines parks photos

Here are some of the images taken at Whispering pines parks


There are a lot of beautiful parks in Miami-Dade County and Whispering Pines Park is one of such parks that offers a peaceful getaway from the noisy city life.

It is the perfect place to ruminate, meditate and have a nice time out with friends, families and even has a serene environment to yourself if you want to be alone too.

The park is rarely ever busy so it is one of the best places in Miami-Dade County where you can have a private time to yourself.

If you find yourself in Miami-Dade County and you want to have some fun and have an amazing time out either by yourself or with friends and families, your best bet is Whispering Pines Park.


Whispering Pines Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your question about the location we haven't answered
Whispering Pines Park is a 1.3-acre park in the heart of the Whispering Pines Community
Yes, the park open everyday from 6am to 5pm
No, there are no fees to enter the park.
Yes, the parks holds several events, and some of them includes Game Day Series, Kitchen Experience Class and more.

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