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Are you looking for a place to have a feel of South American delicacies coupled with a touch of Italian dishes in Miami, Florida? Look no further because Novecento has got you covered. For South American natives and tourists, Novecento provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy native South American dishes. However, residents and visitors from around the world dine in Novecento because of its amazing dining experience and Novecento dress code is part of this experience.

How do you know what to wear to Novecento?

Aside from its delectable meals and luxurious wines, to experience maximum fun at Novecento, you need to ensure you are comfortable in what you wear. Confidence and elegance in one’s attire help in self-awareness which allows for one to blend in in any gathering one finds himself and also to be well relaxed.
Decoding what to wear when going for a time out at Novecento is just like a walk in the park and one which you can relate to. The novecento dress code is simply a Casual outfit. There are no restrictions on any attire or strict regulations on what to wear.

Helping you decode the Novecento Dress Code

Are you looking for some tips on what to wear in Novecento? Then you should follow this post with keen attention. Whether you are going for breakfast, lunch, dinner, solo dining, or on a date, Novecento dress code doesn’t change. Unlike dressing up for The Capital Grille where you can be in a formal dress, semi-formal, or business casual, the dress code for Novecento still remains simple casual dress.
The following are some dress suggestions for both men and women to prepare you for the Novecento dress code.

Dress Suggestions For Men

When it comes to casual dress for men, there are lots of options to choose from.

  • That expensive designer tees and jerseys you have been meaning to wear for a long time now is the time to wear them. Complete it with a well-fitted jeans.
  • However, if you love shirts, you can’t go wrong with a short or long-sleeved button-up shirt.
  • If you must wear an undershirt, make sure you wear a denim jacket or sweater on top of it. Hoodies are not a bad choice as well.
  • Shorts are allowed as well. Wearing your hoodie over a pair of shorts accompanied by white socks and sneakers can give you that cool expensive look.
  • For footwear, there are a variety of options. You can’t go wrong with sandals, boots, canvas, sneakers, deck shoes, or even slip-ons.

Dress Suggestions For Women

Although Novecento dress code is casual, women still love to look as sophisticated as they can be. The following dress suggestions will help you combine gorgeousness with a touch of elegance even as you adhere to Novecento dress code.

  • You can opt for a long, free, not too free-flowing dress. Knee-length dresses are okay too or any length that isn’t too revealing.
  • You can also opt for fashion t-shirts, cotton blouses, or even jerseys worn over a knee-length skirt.
  • Fitted sweaters, sweatshirts, and sleeveless tanks are other tops you can go for. These tops can be paired with denim jeans, capri pants, shorts, or skirts.
  • Shorts and skirts should be mid-thigh length or longer. However, if you are in doubt over the length of your shorts or skirt, you can match them with complementary leggings.
  • For accessories, you can add nice, not too big handbags, and cross bags to your dressing. Earrings, necklaces, and jewelry can add a more polished look to your dress.
  • Shoe options include high heels, flats, sandals, and sneakers.

Dress Code For Special Occasions

Although Novecento is well known for its casual elegant European-style bistro with Latin American influence, it is important to note that the dress code for formal occasions must not necessarily be casual.
Special occasions such as corporate functions or meetings, graduations, inductions, and so on call for a formal dress code.
Men may be in their corporate suits accompanied by Italian shoes while women may be in long dinner-like gowns worn over heels. Knowing what occasion it is helps to decipher the dress code.

What not to wear

In as much dressing for Novecento calls for casual dressing, wearing T-shirts with extremely vulgar inscriptions as well as objectionable graphics should be avoided. Classy collared shirts and tops should be worn instead.

  • Also, in no manner should you wear beach attires such as swimsuits, skip shorts, bikinis, or singlets to Novecento.
  • Gym clothes, sports jerseys, sweatpants, athletics shoes, and boots should be avoided as well.
  • Jeans are allowed at Novecento but wearing overly ripped jeans is not appropriate. Revealing dresses and transparent tops should be avoided.

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Novecento has four different locations in Florida:

CityAddressDress code
Brickell(Miami)900 S Miami Ave #260, Miami, FL 33130, United StatesCasual dress code
Doral3450 NW 83rd Ave Ste 137, Doral, FL 33122, United StatesCasual dress code
Key Biscayne620 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, United StatesCasual dress code
Aventura18831 Biscayne Blvd #220, Aventura, FL 33180, United StatesCasual dress code
Novecento Locations and address


When choosing your outfit for Novecento, respecting the dress code for the restaurant as well as your comfort should be your utmost priority.
The correct choice of outfit for a restaurant has a way of improving one’s self-confidence and also helps to experience a beautiful dining experience.
Be yourself. Avoid excessive combinations and too many extravagant clothing and accessories. Go for a more simple and classy look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
No. Novecento is an Italian word and it means “nine hundred” in English Language.
Yes. Novecento is kids-friendly and they have a kids menu too.
Yes, Novecento Dress Code is Casual

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