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Gianni’s restaurant on Ocean Drive Miami is an aesthetically charming upscale restaurant located inside one of the most interesting historic buildings in South Beach – the old mansion of fashion tycoon Gianni Versace. The food here is overpriced and not as impressive as the plush ambiance. But it’s an ‘exclusive’ spot for a fine dining experience in Miami.

If you’re considering visiting Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion, you might have seen mixed reviews online about this location. Is it just another Ocean Drive restaurant that exists for tourists? Are the pasta, steak, and seafood only as average as the ones served at boring wedding receptions?

I have prepared this review to walk you through all the information you need about this upscale restaurant (including the part the managers won’t be happy to tell you about) and what to expect on your first visit.


  • Address: 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Neighborhood: South Beach

Gianni’s is located in the Villa Casa Casuarina, the former Versace Mansion. The luxury of this location is perhaps the predominant factor that attracts many visitors to dine at Gianni’s during their stay in Miami Beach. This restaurant offers gourmet Italian Mediterranean food and wine selections in a unique atmosphere.

When you get to this location, there’s an option for valet parking but street parking and garages are available around the area.

Opening hours

Gianni’s restaurant is open from 11:00 am–3:30 pm daily for lunch dining, while dinner offerings are open from Monday to Thursday (5:30 pm–10:30 pm) and then Friday to Sunday (5:30 pm–11:00 pm)

Meanwhile, a three-course lunch at Gianni’s costs around $34, plus tax and service fee.

There’s also live music and performance every Tuesday and Wednesday evening during Dinner Service.

Cuisine facilities and services

The cuisine style at the former Versace Mansion is Italian and Mediterranean, which reflects on their entire menu with Executive Chef Valter Mancini at the helm of the catering affairs.

They also offer private dining options for groups from 18 to 40. If you’re looking to host private dining at one of Miami’s most elegant surroundings, they also offer such a service.

The food and Menu

Gianni’s foods are beautifully presented, but I can argue that they don’t taste as good as they look. Many visitors love the lobster pasta, but truffled gnocchi will appeal to you more if you’re a truffle lover.

The Greek salad starter is another popular option for many who want something light here. And on the cocktail menu, the 24k Gold Margarita is a popular choice. They also have an extensive collection of wines to pair with your meal.

This restaurant’s opulence will give you a long-lasting impression, but I won’t recommend you extend such high hopes to the food aspect.  For example, during my visit here, the fillet mignon I ordered was very toasted from the outside, and I wasn’t presented with veggie options on the side.

Of course, many reviews online applaud their food, but the disappointments outweigh the thumbs up.

Check Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion full menu:

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Wine Menu

The environment

The outdoor seating area is one of Gianni’s most outstanding features. It exposes you to the stunning pool view and jaw-dropping mosaic work. It’s perfect for a dinner date or night out, especially when the music performance is on display. The courtyard gives one impression of being in an Italian Villa.

There’s also a bar area where you can enjoy drinks before or after their meal.  The bathrooms are opulent, as well.  (it is equipped with bidets)

The ambiance of the Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion makes it a perfect spot for anyone looking for a unique dining experience in Miami Beach.

Waiter/waitress service rating

The waiter/waitress service at this establishment is applaudable. Plenty of reviews online also underscore their professionalism. They are friendly and knowledgeable.

However, this verdict is subjective because not everyone would experience the same thing. In my situation, I made a reservation over a month earlier and specifically asked for a table outside by the pool area.

When I arrived with my wife, we were offered a table inside and had to wait an hour to secure a position outside.


Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion in South Beach is impressive but expensive. A three-course meal for two people costs $400 plus tips and taxes. However, the lunch meal is at a fixed price of $45 (including tax and tips)

On a separate order, you may pay as much as $54 for a bottle of wine, compared to many other bars in South Beach, where they sell two beers for less than $35. Also, a bottle of water at Gianni’s sells for $12, so you’d see some tourists opting for the tap water to save cost.

Generally speaking, the food prices in this establishment are pretty high, so it’s not out of place to call them overpriced. However, the cost is still within proportion compared to a few other luxury restaurants in the south beach neighborhood.

The payment options at Gianni’s restaurant include AMEX, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa card.

The restaurant may not be among Miami’s best budget-friendly luxury dining spots, but it’s a good place to impress and take pictures for the gram.

Contact details

Final Verdict

Gianni’s at the former Versace Mansion in South Beach is a fantastic location to experience a rich dining experience.

Many reviews pointed to their food needing to be more impressive than presumed. Still, the 3-course lunch appeared above average – from the Margherita pizza and shrimp for appetizers to the salmon and spaghetti for the mains. Perhaps, the most exciting part of visiting this place would be the nostalgic hit of walking around the old Versace Mansion, retracing the steps of Gianni Versace, and then pretending you’re Versace for the night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of your questions that were not answered in the post
The dress code for visitors at the Gianni Versace restaurant is business casual. Guests are expected to dress in sophisticated and stylish outfits. As a man, you can wear tailored suits or dress pants with a dress shirt and jacket, while women can opt for elegant dresses, skirts, or dressy pantsuits.
Spending a night at the Versace Mansion starts at $749 per night. After dining at the plush Gianni’s restaurant, you can lodge in the hotel rooms and take advantage of the opulent facilities.
Gianni has three stairs to the main seating area next to the fountain. The floor is out of mosaic rocks, so it would be difficult to walk on it. So, the establishment isn’t really wheelchair friendly. Guests who use wheelchairs may be escorted through the back alleyway and guided through the wooden ramp to access areas with steps.
You can bring your kids to Gianni’s at the former Versace Mansion. But bringing them before 8 pm is better as the adults have a little more fun at the upscale restaurant afterward. If you’re coming with kids, reserving a seat in the outdoor balcony area is best since the dining room is quieter. You don’t want them running around and disturbing other guests in there.
You can bring your pets to Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion. You may even find the resident cat, Donatella. The cat is well-behaved and lovable.

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